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Journal of Science and Technology Mahasarakham University

Volume. 32 | No. 4 Issue. กรกฎาคม – สิงหาคม 2556

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       Through the efficient use of information technology, the topic of green energy is being increasingly acknowledged around the world. It seems most people on all continents are now familiar with green energy and its role in our lives. Food sustainability is another universal topic that scientists tell us is closely related to green energy. The implementation of green energy practices is still very far from reality, but the development of these practices will certainly strengthen the outlook for food sustainability. This issue of the MSU journal reports on the importance of both green energy and food sustainability. Almost all of the published papers in this issue deal with how to improve and preserve green energy for the the benefit of food sustainability. We do hope that this issue of the MSU journal wisely presents all our readers with the realization that we have only one way out for our future, GREEN ENERGY and FOOD

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