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Journal of Science and Technology Mahasarakham University

Volume. 33 | No. 3 Issue. พฤษภาคม – มิถุนายน 2557

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         This volume will present a series of very interesting research topics. Titles of the range of studies include: Epidemiology and Relationship between Rate of Infection in Local Population and Occurrence of Phaneropsolus bonnei at Metacercaria stage in Dragon Fly Larvae Habitat Around Lampao Dam Communities, Kalasin Province, Antioxidant activities, and phenolic and fl avonoid contents of extracts from Mesona chinensis and Cissampelos pareira L., Iodine concentration of certain vegetables in Borabue District, Mahasarakham Province, Assessment of the Quality of Bottled Drinking Water Produced in the People’s Republic of China, Republic of Korea and French Republic, Influence of cutting height on yield and nutritive values of Purple guinea grass (Panicum maximum TD58) under irrigation ...

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